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Southwest x Provençal Summer Chicken

This recipe strikes a suprising balance between the traditional flavors of Provance - lemon, mustard, oregano, zucchini and chicken - with a Southwest kick.  The result is delectable: the mustard seeps into the tomato, and together they glaze the chicken; the undertones of oregano add an almost smoky base to the pepper.  The chicken is… Continue reading Southwest x Provençal Summer Chicken

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Sour Cherry Preserve

My mother-in-law always has a stash of homemade fruit preserves in the dark recesses of her refrigerator.  She goes through them slowly, scooping half a cup from each jar at a time and keeping them in little glass containers which she puts on the table at breakfast time and we spread them on fresh baked… Continue reading Sour Cherry Preserve

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Peanut butter Oat Smoothie

​ This is a filling smoothy that's still light enough for the hot summer months. It makes for a great post-workout breakfast when you need fuel but don't want to down anything hot, a satisfying afternoon snack, or post-dinner dessert that isn't too sweet. If you want to turn this into a smoothie bowl, add… Continue reading Peanut butter Oat Smoothie

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Coconut-Oat Protein Pancakes

Most mornings I try to get up before everyone else and get in an hour of exercise.  By the time my husband and daughter wake up I'm fully awake - and fully hungry.  Some mornings yogurt and fruit, or a bowl of oats, won't cut it.  I need protein and carbs if I'm not going to crash… Continue reading Coconut-Oat Protein Pancakes

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Strawberry Mint Coconut Overnight Oats

During the first few weeks after giving birth I found myself famished every night/morning around 3 am.  Later, as my daughter started waking up less during the night, this shifted to 5 am.  No wonder - between dinner and breakfast I was breastfeeding her three to five times.  My body needed more calories to keep up… Continue reading Strawberry Mint Coconut Overnight Oats

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Three Layer Zucchini Flan with Sausage and Cherry Tomatoes

​ In mid-summer the price of zucchini in Bishkek drops to a paltry $0.25 per kilo. I buy bags upon bags of the pale green gourds and lug them up our five flights of stairs. We have zoodles and salads and omelets and zucchini bread and shredded zucchini in scrambled eggs for breakfast. The great… Continue reading Three Layer Zucchini Flan with Sausage and Cherry Tomatoes

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All Seasons Carrot Beet Salad

​ This versatile salad can be made year round, as beets and carrots store well in winter. I often eat it as a four pm-pick-me-up, but it can also be a colorful side salad, or make a meal in itself. As fresh produce dwindles in the bazaar over the Bishkek winter, this salad sustained me… Continue reading All Seasons Carrot Beet Salad