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Peanut butter Oat Smoothie

​ This is a filling smoothy that's still light enough for the hot summer months. It makes for a great post-workout breakfast when you need fuel but don't want to down anything hot, a satisfying afternoon snack, or post-dinner dessert that isn't too sweet. If you want to turn this into a smoothie bowl, add… Continue reading Peanut butter Oat Smoothie

Food & Recipes, Food for Us All

Coconut-Oat Protein Pancakes

Most mornings I try to get up before everyone else and get in an hour of exercise.  By the time my husband and daughter wake up I'm fully awake - and fully hungry.  Some mornings yogurt and fruit, or a bowl of oats, won't cut it.  I need protein and carbs if I'm not going to crash… Continue reading Coconut-Oat Protein Pancakes